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The copper alloy lead frame material

Copper alloy lead frame is broadly divided into copper-iron-based, copper-nickel-- silicon, copper-chromium, copper-nickel-tin (JK - 2 alloys), ternary and qua ternary alloy of copper and other mufti-system We can achieve better performance than conventional binary alloys, lower cost, an iron-based alloy of copper grades at most, has good mechanical strength, stress relaxation resistance and low creep, is a kind of good leads frame material. Since the production and packaging applications require a lead frame, in addition to high strength, high thermal performance, the material also requires a good brazing performance, process performance, etching performance, the oxide film adhesion properties. Materials to high-strength, high conductivity, low-cost direction, plus small amounts of a variety of elements in copper, without significantly reducing the electrical conductivity of the principles and improve the strength of the alloy (less prone to deformation of the lead frame) and overall performance, tensile strength 600Mpa or more, more than 80% IACS electrical conductivity of the material is a research and development focus. And requires copper material to high surface precision plate, performance uniform strip thickness constantly thinning, from 0.25mm to o.15mm, 0.lmm gradually thinning 0.07mm a slim and clever - Shaped of.

R & D Trends:
 Can be divided according to the type of solid solution strengthening alloy type, precipitation type, analysis of medium-sized, from the material design principle, the lead frame material almost all precipitation hardening type alloy, using a variety of methods designed to strengthen, mainly deformation strengthening, solid solution strengthening (alloying enhanced), grain refinement strengthening, precipitation strengthening, the addition of an appropriate amount of rare earth elements to improve the conductivity of the material can make 1.5 a 3% IACS, effective grain refinement can improve the strength of the material, to improve the toughness, The impact on the conductivity is very small. From hardening and solid solution hardening and solution combining a complex age-hardening and strengthening other aspects of research, improve material properties.