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Domestic lead frame enterprise technology development chall

(1) and high-density row width technical requirements
Packaging enterprises are facing increasingly severe price competition, companies in order to have a relative competitive advantage, first by increasing the packing density is achieved in order to reduce material consumption, and second, by improving production efficiency in order to reduce fixed costs per unit of product, both areas Requirements of the lead frame with the development of a high density and mufti-row frame. Therefore, the lead frame, the company must conduct technological upgrading, development of a more sophisticated and large areas die punching plating equipment and partial plating techniques. The width of the lead frame, in 2011 the mainstream is 50 ~ 60mm, 2012 年 has been used 60 ~ 70mm, 2013 年 to 70 ~ 80mm forward. Like SOP8 / SOP16 and other products, has developed a framework of 12 rows, widths up to 83mm. 2015 years ago, the lead frame width will reach 90 ~ 100mm.

Wide row of products and high-density frame, bringing high lift requirements for equipment and production technology, which will lead to higher investment promotion lead frame business requirements and research and development capabilities, the need for enterprises in the industry will be positioned. Therefore, the recent investment in two years, companies need to increase the lead frame.

(2) Product Reliability Technology
As customer requirements for increasingly high product reliability packaging, packaging companies have begun to turn to claim the lead frame business with the development of new lead frame technology, which is currently the most popular surface treatment technology of the lead frame, the lead frame by special surface treatment to achieve close integration framework and plastic materials, improve product reliability.

(3) Will enhance the competitiveness of enterprises action cost control technology further significant
In recent years, the gross margin lead frame space getting smaller and smaller, but In contrast, labor costs and management costs are increasing, the lead frame corporate profit margins are very small, some companies even losses. Therefore, the cost of controls on the competitiveness of enterprises further evident not only from the administrative control of the enterprise, but also enhance the technology came from cost control. Its efforts in two directions, one is to enhance productivity through technological innovation, reduce production costs, and the other development of automated machinery and equipment, to reduce the number of employees, lower labor costs.